Reveal Your Voice - Weekend Singing Workshop for Beginners

Friday 7pm-9pm / Saturday 10am-4pm (lunch included)/ Sunday 10am-4pm (lunch included)

Embark on a weekend of personal growth and self-discovery to reveal your true potential!

In this weekend workshop, soprano and vocal coach Cara McLeod will help you Reveal your Voice.  She will help you glimpse your potential, no matter what level you are currently singing at.

In the first portion of the weekend, Cara will cover the basics of breathing, posture, and other important elements of free and expressive singing. Throughout the weekend you will also listen to audio examples, sharing the importance of singing and music in your lives, and singing for each other and receiving feedback and guidance.  

Enrolment is limited to 10 participants, so that students feel free, safe, and listened to.

The hope is that you have a glimpse of “how much better can it get” - in how you experience music, how you express yourself, how you feel creative, and how you listen to music and voices.  You will leave with a better understanding of your instrument, voice care, and how to create a satisfying artistic experience for yourself, and potentially your audience.

Cara McLeod